What I’ve learnt in lockdown…

Ok, in no particular order:

I still hate video calls.

“Make do with what you’ve got” style dinners always turn out better than I think they’re going to, whilst also fulfilling my lifelong dream of being a contestant on Ready Steady Cook. 

I’m a massive homebody and I feel guilty about it knowing so many people are climbing the walls right now. 

When worn consistently throughout the day, Primark slippers have a best before span of about 1.5 days.

As much as I joke that having my Husband at home during the working week is a pain in the arse, I actually love seeing his face during my coffee breaks. But I still haven’t forgiven him for that time he knocked repeatedly on my closed office door, whilst shouting a crescendo of ‘Hellooooo?’ , ‘G, are you OK?’ , ‘Are you even in there?’ and ‘ARE YOU ON A CALL?’. Yes babe, I was on a call. A really important one. 

I love the Great British Humour. Quarantine memes make me happy. 

I feel awkward not having the ability to use the vague excuse of ‘I’ve got something on this evening’ to get out of a scheduled phone call or catch up…

…But I’m also learning it’s totally ok to just not feel like doing something and you don’t have to fake an excuse. 

Watching tiny humans you love so much but can’t squish grow at a rate of knots is pretty gut wrenching. 

No one cares or notices if you have makeup on or not during a video call so I’m going to re-think applying a full face of makeup on days that I have work calls in the calendar, in future. Oh and news flash, Georgia – this isn’t just a quarantine thing, no one cared or noticed before either! 

That said, when I choose to wear a bit of makeup for myself and myself only, how have I only just jumped on the BB Cream bandwagon? Suddenly all the overpriced, department store beauty haul purchases at the back of my makeup drawers that haven’t seen the light of day since I bought them are now my best friends. 

That select 3 or 4 pairs of super-comfy stretchy, cotton pants that I typically save for either a) sick days, b) periods or c) hangovers (and I’m not talking Calvin Klein-chic, think more George @ Asda) are very quickly becoming my ‘everyday pants’.

I initially would have said that the threat of a deadly virus sweeping the globe didn’t scare me. Of course I understood the severity, but I wouldn’t allow it to frighten me. However, the recent state of my mental health, newly developed behaviours, vivid dreams and intrusive thoughts would suggest otherwise. Wow, this got dark, quickly. 

Playing music really loudly whilst cooking is really fun. My current go-tos include: Machine Gun Kelly – Hotel Diablo album, anything by Travis Scott and All American Rejects – Move Along (Deluxe Edition), for old time sake.

I should probably have stashed away a few months worth of wages before going self-employed in case of rainy days or you know, global pandemics…

…If I were a superhero, hindsight would be my superpower of choice. 

My social media profiles and Whatsapp are noisier than ever. First I was here for the buzz, my friend’s gallows humour and the camaraderie – it really made the dire situation seem a little easier. But then I got overwhelmed, discovered that I’m not a slave to my phone and turned all of my notifications off (every.single.one) and utilised iPhone’s Screen Time settings. Two weeks in and no regrets. 

Having lots of extra downtime has given me the opportunity to pick a topic that fascinates me and become really obsessed with it via the medium of Netflix documentaries, online articles and Youtube videos. Current fave: Hasidic judaism… don’t ask.

Lockdown has made me more spontaneous; tequila shots at 6pm on a Tuesday, dyeing my hair pastel pink within 10 minutes of deciding it might be something I want to do and having a kitchen dance party with Sean and Wesley at 8am the other morning to two full verses of ‘Who let the dogs out?’. 

You don’t HAVE to work from a desk, or even a seat. My ‘soft office’ (aka our superking bed with memory foam mattress of dreams) has seen me through many a 3pm work slump the last few weeks. 

The naptime sleep stories on the Calm app have revolutionised my Sunday afternoon sofa naps. Thank me later. 

I’ve never been a germaphobe, but social distancing has made me think twice about when things go ‘back to normal’. Do we really need to shake acquaintances’ hands upon meeting or stand so close to strangers in post office queues?

Lots of businesses are starting to realise how easy and effective remote, virtual working can be. And that’s really cool. About 10 years late, but cool nonetheless. 

I haven’t, and still struggle to process the huge historical moment in time we currently find ourselves in. Restricting the movements of an entire country by law is actually mental isn’t it?!

Other people’s panic doesn’t belong to you, nor are you obliged to subscribe to it. You’re also not doing anything wrong if you chose to take a break from the news. 

What exactly is an underwired bra again? 

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