Tom Gozney - CEO

Georgia joined the team at Gozney whilst the company was still in its infancy. Over the 4 years Georgia was with us the company grew significantly and so did Georgia's roles and responsibilities. Georgia's promotions lead her to an EA position.

Georgia can categorically be counted as influencing our early success, with her contributions significant to the growth of Gozney. An asset to any start up or fast growing company Georgia is dependable and does not miss a thing, making herself an indispensable team member that is very much missed.

Sergey Soloviov - Product Coach

Georgia helped me with an important project I needed to get done but really struggled to find time for. The most impressive thing was how she is _consistently_ very clear and proactive. When providing updates or requesting anything Georgia would always present options that are both smart and comprehensive. I was able to make decisions quickly and get closer to result after every interaction. Another thing Georgia excels at is expectation management. Besides avoiding unwelcome surprises it also enabled me to prioritise other work. Finally, I'd like to verify that Georgia truly understands the struggles a small business owner has. She's clearly been in those trenches more than once! If you're contemplating if a virtual assistant is more likely to be helpful or just add work for you I would definitely recommend parking the doubts and just giving it a go. Georgia has made it very safe to try.

Lloyd Greenfield - CEO

Georgia played a pivotal role at Glow Green as an exceptionally organised and dedicated PA and Project Manager to myself.  Her attention to detail and ability to manage and organise what can often be a very heavy work load is admirable. Georgia was able to turn her hand to the boiler industry and quickly learn. A testament to her hard work and drive.

Her discretion for confidentiality was much appreciated and I built a great trust in her as a loyal member of the team. Furthermore, her wealth of knowledge lent a great help in bringing my ideas to fruition. As a forward thinking business new ideas are brought to the table on a regular basis and Georgia was a fantastic help at project managing. I have no qualms in recommending Georgia and have her on my radar should we seek further assistance.

Grace De Alvaro - Founder

Georgia is a top class virtual executive PA who I met via LinkedIn and we are in better shape because of it. Georgia is smart, sassy and goes beyond with every detail. She is passionate about what she is doing.

Iain Lightfoot - Hypnotherapist

Georgia - I really love how you are helping me and my company to expand and grow - you are an amazing asset and wish we had met sooner - you won’t regret the full time ‘plunge’ - you’ll be very successful.

Jess Pyne - Solution Engineer

I've known Georgia personally for many years and she's always been a reliable and trustworthy contact, happy to step in and help whenever needed. Over the past couple of years we've worked together to plan a number of social events and I was honestly blown away by her input - her enthusiasm and attention to detail for items I hadn't even considered was incredible, and we had so many compliments on the success of these events (which I was sadly unable to take credit for!).

She's incredibly organised and happy to take the initiative which was a huge help. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her and she'll always be my first choice for future support!